What you will find at our Christian Science Sunday Church Services

SUNDAYS 10:30 A.M.

A warm welcome in a loving atmosphere
An hour of inspiration, comfort, and peace
Uplifting hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal, sung by the congregation
Timeless spiritual ideas that bring joy, freshness, progress, and healing to everyday life
New insights on the healing works of Christ Jesus
icon4 A clearer sense of God’s ever-presence and all-power
  • Christian Science rests on the words and works of Christ Jesus, our Wayshower, whose teachings and practice are at the heart of all of our services.
  • Each service is focused on a pre-selected weekly topic as listed in The Christian Science Quarterly, used by Christian Science churches all over the world.
  • Christian Science has no ordained clergy. Two elected church members conduct services and read correlated passages from the Holy Bible and the textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer, Founder, and Leader of Christian Science.
  • Each local Christian Science church is a branch of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, U. S. A., and is democratically organized by its members.
  • The Lesson-Sermon is published in The Christian Science Quarterly well in advance. Christian Scientists the world over study its passages from the Bible and Science and Health during the week prior to its being read at the Sunday service.
  • Twice a year, the Sunday service is a Communion service (when the week’s subject is “Sacrament”). These two Sundays involve a slightly different order of service and are the only services in which the congregation is invited to kneel for a few brief moments of silent prayer followed by praying aloud the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Following our Sunday services, our on-site Reading Room is open for visitors to browse, study, purchase or borrow items from our vast store of Christian Science Literature. (See our Reading Room page on this website for more information.)
  • Our Sunday School for students up to the age of 20 convenes at the same time as our church service.
  • A loving nursery staff cares for children and infants too young for Sunday School.

No prior knowledge of Christian Science teachings or of the features of our services is needed when visiting a Christian Science church.

We follow the order of services indicated in the Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy:

  1. Hymn
  2. Scriptural selection
  3. Silent prayer, followed by the audible repetition of the Lord’s Prayer with its spiritual interpretation from the Christian Science textbook
  4. Hymn
  5. Notices
  6. Solo
  7. Reading of the explanatory note in The Christian Science Quarterly
  8. Announcing the subject of the Lesson Sermon; reading the Golden Text
  9. Responsive Reading from The Christian Science Quarterly
  10. Reading of the Lesson-Sermon
  11. Collection
  12. Hymn
  13. Reading of the “scientific statement of being”, and the correlative scripture according to I John 3:1-3
  14. Benediction
Sunday Collection Options 
  • Mail to the church:
    Sixteenth Church of Christ, Scientist
    7036 North Ridge
    Chicago, IL 60645
  • Drop an envelope through the mail slot on our front door
  • Send online via PayPal: sixteenthchurch7036@gmail.com