What you will find at our
Christian Science Wednesday Evening Testimony Meetings


icon4 A message of inspiration and instruction on a focused topic of spiritual value
icon6 Personal expressions of gratitude for healing experienced through the application of Christian Science in daily life
icon5 Individuals who are learning to overcome life’s challenges through prayer, spiritual growth, and regeneration through living the qualities of the Christ
icon3 Acknowledgment of God’s ever-present and tender care for all of His children
  • One of our elected Readers presents passages he or she has selected on a focused topic from the Holy Bible and from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
  • During the “experiences, testimonies, and remarks” portion of the meeting, members of the congregation are given the opportunity to speak about ways in which they have applied the example of Christ Jesus and the teachings of Christian Science in daily life.
  • Testimonies typically include healings of sickness or disease, sin overcome, lessons learned, or spiritual inspiration gained. Challenges met may include financial, social, physical, moral, or those from any other area of life..
  • We have many Christian Science Reading Room resource materials available at our church before Wednesday evening meetings.
  • Visitors are always welcome to come and listen, and childcare is available for small children.

No prior knowledge of Christian Science teachings or of the features of our services is needed when visiting a Christian Science church.