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JHS Online: Access to the Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, The Herald of Christian Science, The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing, eBibleLesson Express, more.

Christian Science Libraries and Museums

Daystar Foundation and Library

Longyear Museum

The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Christian Science Camps

Adventure Unlimited Ranches, Colorado

Camp Bow-Isle, Bowen Island, BC, Canada

Camps Leelanau and Kohana, Michigan

Camps Newfound and Owatonna, Maine

Cedars Camps, Missouri

Crystal Lake Camps, Pennsylvania

DiscoveryBound, local chapters

Christian Science Schools and Online Learning

Berkeley Hall School, California

Clairbourn School, California

Japhet School, Michigan

The Branch School, Texas

The Daycroft School Foundation, Online Learning

Principia College, Illinois

The Principia, Missouri

Various Resources

Asher Student Foundation

The Albert Baker Fund

The Principle Foundation

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